Believe me, I know the feeling!

You walk into a spiritual store, and you are drawn to that part of the room with baskets and pots and boxes and piles of colourful rocks, pebbles, stones……..il_570xN.1071121697_qhjo

The range of colours, the shapes, the textures. Names like Rose Quartz, Moon Stone, Citrine, Lapiz Lazuli…….It can be overwhelming for anyone.

But there is science behind every little stoneand every sharp edge. Just because crystals are largely sold in spiritual stores, does not mean there is no empirical evidence explaining their properties and uses.

Lets start with the basics.

A crystal, also known as a crystalline solid is essentially a solid substance who’s structure is made up of highly ordered constituents, in other words, at a microscopic level, its atoms, molecules and ions are naturally, perfectly, geometrically and symmetrically structured. Like us, crystals possess their own vibration however the frequency of crystals is far more balanced and is resistant to patterns and changes. They are mineralogical bodies that have the ability to vibrate to many frequencies at once. What is interesting about them is that because of how they are structured, they can respond to inputs from different energies surrounding them and therefore release specific yet consistent frequencies which can harmonize unbalanced energy.

Ancient civilizations have used crystals in rituals, healing and have long before us known the importance and power possessed by these beautiful little stones. In a way, crystals are an essence of life manifesting within the earth which modern science is only just starting to explore.

Maybe you were not aware that crystals are actually essential in modern technology, in that because of their consistency, we can use them to store information; like Quartz deep within your computer or your watch.

But let’s go back to our spiritual store!

There are so many types of crystals, all belonging to one of six geometric groups but we won’t go into that yet. Even I get lost and I’m a scientist!

What I find exciting is that some of the parts that make us up, that make up mother earth, are also part of what is found in crystals. We are all connected and can connect even more so, through our energy and that of the crystal world. I see each and every crystal I own as having its own personality, a buddy that I can connect with and who can help me depending on how I am feeling. I have reason for this! Each crystal has its own properties and even the shape of it can affect how its frequencies vibrate around the room. But I have learned that you must be open to the effects of crystals as negative and dismissive energy really affects what you can get out of crystal interaction.

I can only share with you my personal experience and that of those I have shared my love for crystals with.

There are so many ways in which you can use them; be it during meditation, healing or simply having one in your pocket or by your bed. Open your mind and hold one, or let it touch your skin and see how you feel. I always find that my connection is stronger once I have charged my crystal, and there are so many ways to do that. I prefer to cleanse mine in water and then charge with moonlight, sometimes I like to smudge with sage, but you will find what works for you when you are ready. The real aim of this post is to encourage you to give crystals a chance and see if they can help you to feel balanced and healthy the way they have done for me and those around me.

So now that you know, start connecting with your crystal!


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